Art & Vision

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

                                                                                                ~ Edgar Degas


Artists are required to do and to see things differently and present them as such. Art requires independence of thought and a semi-consciousness of our creative decisions and the creative process.  We must present something to the world that is new and different; a fresh perspective that is unique to our own worldview and experience. As artists we bare our soul. And each piece of work -- no matter how seemingly small and insignificant – contains fragments of us. Doing this requires openness, honesty, and courage.


Artists make and create first for ourselves. Yet always with the eye that our work will be seen and even judged, by outsiders and non-artists. This takes guts! Exposing one’s self is not for the faint. Maybe this is why artists don’t suffer criticism very well. It is not just a critique of our talent but of our innermost.


Art requires vision – the vision to present to the world something that might ordinarily be missed. How often do we become so focused on some sort of minutia that we cannot see anything else? We become oblivious to the much larger picture that extends far beyond our field of vision. Often we stand too close to the picture to see its entirety. We see in part but rarely whole. It is my aim to magnify that part to the point it becomes inescapable.

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